Next Level of Safety & Security Measure Introduced by Truecaller

The integration is one- of its kind as it gets rid of the OTP process and is applicable for all Vatika Centres across India. This Truecaller app will take the security to the next level.


Truecaller has come up with an innovative way to authenticate visitors coming in office buildings and ensuring a second level of security check. They plan to use this innovative technology at every commercial building of Vatika and also plan to take it to residential projects as well. At present, there is no authentic way to check the background of a visitor coming at office buildings.

To start with Truecaller has done its first-of -its kind tie up with Vatika Business Centre which would improve the workplace realities to make it more secure and comfortable. Through this unique tie-up with Vatika Business Centre comes a second level of authentication of the visitors. Truecaller has also opened their first North India office at Vatika Business Park, Sohna Road and has further expansion plans.

“This is super exciting for us as the tie-up will be a great step towards ensuring efficiency in operations without compromising on privacy. This in no way violates privacy of our customers as it seeks user’s permission to give access to his/her information. Privacy is of utmost concern to us as it runs in our DNA,” said Nami Zarringhalam, co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer Truecaller.

“We look forward to this collaboration across India. The integration is one- of its kind as it gets rid of the OTP process and is applicable for all Vatika Centres across India. This takes us to a next level of security. Our app is a full featured app which no other business centre in the country would be having. Through this collaboration, it has become much easier for the visitors as well as the client as they can confirm whether we would like to meet a particular gentleman or not and make the necessary arrangements at the security level itself,” said Vineet Taing, President, Vatika Business Centre. They would soon be introducing this in all their residential sectors as well.

Priyam Bose, Director and Head, Worldwide developer Truecaller added that through the association, the time would be cut short for any visitor coming for a meeting at an office.

Early this year, Vatika Business Centres launched Visitor Management feature in all their centres and revolutionized the way workplaces are secured. The feature enables you to manage the incoming & outgoing visitors whether they are planned or not. Safety and Security at workplace is a subject that has taken precedence over all the other subjects and well, for obvious reasons.  The new feature enables you to manage the planned or unplanned incoming and outgoing visitors. Earlier, the process of feeding data was tedious and cumbersome taking minutes. But now with this revolutionary collaboration, information exchange is just a click away. When a visitor comes to the office building  and enters his/her phone number, the entire data which has been saved on Truecaller automatically gets saved in the app hence authenticates the person. He/She does not need to fill the entire form – Name, number email etc. Also, in case there is an error with the data that has been taken from Truecaller, the visitor can easily edit it there itself. The same would be updated on Truecaller also. In addition to the beefing up the security aspect, it also helps in improving the customer experience by easing the check-in process without compromising on the security.

Awareness of the need for security and preparedness is highest among local units of multinational entities and sectors such as information technology, in which companies have security clauses written into their contracts with overseas clients. But, on a mass level safety and security at workplace has never been a strategic boardroom discussion. However, with the evolving scenario, office spaces are significantly increasing the attention being given on safety related subjects at work.

Vatika Business Centre has always believed in strategic tie-ups with innovative technology companies that enhance the workplace realities to make it more secure and comfortable.