It’s not just the battle of two rival ecommerce sites, it’s the battle of brand loyalties, credit card offers and quick deliveries – it’s Amazon Prime v Flipkart Big Shopping and you may be the winners.

Unless you were living under a rock, detest online shopping, have outsted your monthly budgets or simply stopped caring – these are the days when you can grab some fabulous discounts on those items in your wishlists.

But remember these sales are like casinos, the house always wins! Here’re are some tips to ensure that you win this game

  1. Make A Wishlist before the sale

    Flipkart Wishlist
    Okay , this one’s pretty vague. But you get the point right?

    We know we are past part that already but make sure you do it for next time. Going into a sale without a wishlist is like running naked into an onslaught of undead in dead of the night. You need a lamp to lead your way, let this be it. Not having a wishlist, may lead you to spend tons more on stuff you dont really need or simply be confused and not shop at all.

  2. Always compare prices
    Yes, there are deals and products that are exclusive to websites. Like the OnePlus is exclusive to Amazon and the Pixel to Flipkart but there are tons of stuff that are sold on both sites. Before you buy these, make sure you check their prices on both sites.
  3. Use Credit cards and payment offers

    Credit Card Deals
    HDFC is pushing you to buy more on Amazon Prime Days

    The discounts are usually good enough to warrant a buy but sometimes the payment offers are even better. For eg: this time the Amazon deal is supported by offers from HDFC credit cards while Flipkart boasts of offers from SBI Cards both offer 10% cashbacks with certain limitations. You should always look at these offers. While using these offers check these things for sure:
    – The minimum order requirement and exceptions (i.e. if any products are not covered)
    – The maximum discount
    – Any other conditions
    If you find that there are multiple offers you can avail, you can even split your shoppig into  different order.

  4. Check Return and delivery policies
    Due to heavy rush and demands, the websites often alter their delivery and retun policies for such sale, make sure you’re on top of them. No point ordering something for a party the day after if the dress won’t be delivered in a week. Also, what if you can’t return a certain product.
  5. Read reviews
    Standard rule of online shopping becomes even more important here. Make sure you buy products which have been rated and reviewed and that too positively.

    Amazon reviews
    Well, not everyone can be creative but some reviews actually are damn good!