Global cybersecurity company Cyberinc has been included as a ‘Cool Vendor’ in the Endpoint, Mobile, Network and Gateway Security, 2017 report published by Gartner, Inc.

This report by Gartner, mentions a select list of emerging security technology companies that lead the charter in mobile security and operational technology (OT) security with their innovative and interesting product & services portfolio.

This is a continuing testimony to Cyberinc’s Isla malware isolation system — that uses an innovative Isolation approach to defeating web-based malware. The report aims to advocate security and risk management leaders to consider new vendors with innovative and impactful security technologies that support secure endpoint, mobile, network and gateway technologies.

As per the 2017 study, “Security and risk management leaders overseeing endpoint and mobile security should evaluate the isolation of browser sessions from the rest of the employee’s desktop and the enterprise internal network and systems to reduce the ability of attackers to compromise enterprise systems,” Cyberinc has been positioned as a Cool Vendor in the report owing to Isla’s innovative and intriguing premise that helps build secure digital enterprises by preventing all web-based malware from entering their IT perimeter, while ensuring a similar end-user experience by:

  • assuming that all web content is bad, and therefore all of it must be isolated
  • transforming content into harmless pixels ensuring malware can’t attack the endpoint

As per leading industry reports*, with over 80% of malware being delivered through the browsers, Isla’s ‘isolation’ approach ensures complete freedom from malware, as against the traditional ‘detect and respond’ methodology. Organizations spend large sums on traditional defenses like AV and firewalls but still suffer from successful malware attacks and their associated costs on a regular basis. CIOs and CISOs recognize the need for a different approach, and the Isolation approach made real by Isla addresses their problem in a simple, effective and unique way. Isla effectively addresses all malicious web threats, stopping zero-day attacks, malvertising attacks, transparent drive-by downloads and other complex web threats.

“We are delighted to be included in the list of Cool Vendors by Gartner. With enterprises adopting new technologies and the emergence of a complex threat landscape, there is a clear need to redirect focus from malware detection — which can never be 100% accurate — to malware isolation to ensure web freedom. Buoyed by a slew of sophisticated attacks on one side, and the need for building a proactive security stance by enterprises on the other, we are seeing some great traction across the globe for Isla.” said Samir Shah, CEO, Cyberinc. “This recognition by Gartner is a testament of our innovation and technology leadership, commitment to building secure digital businesses through Isolation and particularly Isla.”