Google is all set to launch a new set of Android controls at its annual developer conference in order to help users manage time spend on Android mobile devices. The annual developer conference “Google I/O” is scheduled to kick-off later today, where Google’s announcement of new set of controls to its operating system will hog the limelight. Also, Sundar Pichai, Indian-origin Chief Executive Officer of Google, is expected to emphasise the theme of responsibility, The Washington Post reported late on Monday.

This anticipated shift is reportedly due to the increased public scrutiny of the technology industry that revolves around the so-called negative consequences of technology products that are used by people.

“Some of the criticism centres on the suspected addictive nature of many devices and programmes,” the report said.

However, Google is a step ahead when it come to family controls. With “Family Link”, a suite of tools allows parents to regulate how much time their children can spend on apps and remotely lock their child`s device.

Google rival Apple offers “do not disturb” modes that limit an iPhone’s function overnight or while driving.

Goggle may also announce measures to improvise Google Assistant. This will turn the Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered Google Assistant to make its products more interactive and helpful.

It might also launch the latest version of Android operating system, called Android P, reported IANS. An early iteration of Android P was released to developers and anyone who owns Google’s Pixel phones in early March.