Kodak Alaris kicks off the 2017 edition of its Information Management Partnership Yatra, across Chennai, Delhi and Mumbai on the 7th, 9th and 11th of August, respectively.

This initiative is tailored to empower its partner base to meet the evolving demands of digital transformation for businesses and governments in the region, and boost their go-to-market capabilities. As partners are a strategic component of the Alaris IN2 Ecosystem, this initiative provides the company and its partners with an ideal platform to explore the possibilities that are currently available in the market, and outline strategies for success in the years ahead.

As the country embarks on a wider movement toward digitalization, in line with the Government’s Digital India mandate, Kodak Alaris Information Management has revamped its solutions to meet new market dynamics. With the launch of the Alaris IN2 Ecosystem earlier this year, the company has refined its portfolio to deliver on the promise of digital transformation and offer new ways to take the complexity out of information capture. This month, the company launches the next wave of scanners within the Alaris IN2 ecosystem – the Alaris S2050, S2060w, S2070 and S2080w scanners, and further evolves its promise by offering new features and tight integrations with Kodak Alaris software and services. The Alaris S2000 series range of scanners capture documents between the ranges of 50 pages per minute (ppm) to 80 ppm. They are compact, powerful, and easy to use with a robust feeding system that efficiently handles a wide range of media and three optional flatbed accessories that can be integrated with the scanners for increased versatility and productivity.

Speaking on the occasion, Leonel da Costa, Asia Pacific Managing Director – Information Management at Kodak Alaris said, “We are evolving and strengthening the Alaris IN2 Ecosystem promise with the Alaris S2000 series of scanners. Moreover, the launch schedule being aligned with our Partnership Yatra brings together the two most important pillars of our business – our products and our partners. More than 90 percent of Kodak Alaris’ Information Management business is done via resellers and distributors, meaning if our partners aren’t successful, neither are we. The Information Management Partnership Yatra initiative gives an opportunity to emphasize this commitment. As the new wave of digitization is changing the business dynamics in the country, we are positive that through continued support from our partners we will create a robust infrastructure for businesses to drive valuable outcomes through efficient information capture. I would like to extend a big thank you to all our partners for consistently showing confidence in us.”

IN2 Ecosystem Offers the Right Solution

The IN2 Ecosystem is one of the key focus areas at this week’s Information Management Partnership Yatra. Earlier this year, Kodak Alaris launched the ecosystem to remove complexity from information capture. The company’s partner and developer communities play a vital role in the ecosystem through their ability to connect, configure and create new solutions that meet customers’ needs, now and into the future.

The latest additions to the IN2 Ecosystem deliver the:

•        Right Fit by offering seamless integration into customer environments. The design of the Alaris S2000 series of scanners is compact so they fit into any modern office.

•        Right Experience by simplifying information capture. Active Feed Technology lets users focus on customers while the scanner prepares documents. The one-touch control panel is easy for single or multiple users on a shared network device.

•        Right Results by delivering superior business value and higher ROI. Embedded Perfect Page image processing is designed for optimized and accurate document capture and minimal rework.

Moreover, Alaris S2000 Series scanners come with Alaris Info Input Express Limited Edition Software, which uses Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to enable easy and automatic data extraction, helping drive digital transformation.