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Spectra has launched ‘Spectra Fastest‘1 Gbps broadband plan for Delhi-NCR. Formerly known as SpectraNet, Spectra has made it clear that it had upgraded all the existing users in Delhi-NCR to the newly announced 1 Gbps plan.

Spectra Fastest Plans

Having said that, Spectra is offering the 1 Gbps plan at a much cheaper rate than ACT Fibernet. The ACT Giga plan is priced at Rs 5,999 (excluding taxes), while the Spectra Fastest plan starts at just Rs 899. This plan comes from Spectra comes in four packages- the Spectra Fastest Basic, Spectra Fastest Unlimited, Spectra Fastest Entertainment, and Spectra Fastest Premium.

The Spectra Fastest Basic plan costs Rs 899 (excluding taxes), and with taxes, this plan comes around Rs 1300. It offers 1 Gbps speed, but the FUP is set to just 150GB. After the completion of allotted quota, speeds will be reduced to 1 Mbps.

The Spectra Fastest Unlimited plan is priced at Rs 1,249, but along with taxes, the plan will cost around Rs 1,700. This plan also offers 1 Gbps speeds, and the plan name itself suggests there’s no FUP limit.

Key Features

This plan from Spectra is aimed at content lovers. It also gives 1 Gbps speed and costs Rs 1,549, but the overall price of the plan including taxes comes around Rs 2,000.

Furthermore, Spectra is offering a free Amazon Fire TV Stick worth Rs 3,999 for the customers choosing the plan for one year.

As you can clearly see, Spectra’s 1 Gbps plan is much more affordable than ACT Fibernet’s 1 Gbps plan. Currently, ACT is offering the ACT Giga plan in Hyderabad. Do make a note that the Spectra Fastest plan is currently available only for Delhi-NCR users.

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