Womens Day Picture, triton EV

Celebrating International Women’s Day 2023, Triton Electric Vehicle gave an exclusive tour of Triton EV’s R&D centre in Kheda, Ahmedabad, for women auto and clean tech enthusiasts. The tour also included a special showcasing of Triton Electric Truck. Women who participated in this tour have experienced the Triton EV’s truck.

This symbolic tour was organized by Triton EV to show its commitment towards respecting women and their inclusive participation in society and socio-economic development.   

Triton EV Truck
Himanshu Patel, MD of Triton EV: Driving the Triton EV Truck

“Women’s empowerment is among the most important philosophies for Triton EV. We salute women for their contributions to society and individual households. That is why our Triton Electric Truck, which is ready and is our flagship product, is designed in keeping this philosophy in mind that supports’ Women’s Empowerment by being the strongest, safest, Smartest and easiest to operate Truck in its category. This exclusive tour for women enthusiasts shows that our products are also made for women.” says Himanshu Patel, Managing Director of Triton EV.  

The Triton EV’s R&D facility is 1 lakh, 50 thousand square feet in area. And this R&D centre is the global powerhouse for innovation by Triton EV’s entire R&D activities for Triton EV Trucks, Triton’s EV Two Wheelers, Hydrogen Vehicles, and special purpose vehicles. 

Empowered Women, Empowering Triton EV 

While celebrating International Women’s Day on 8th March 2023, Triton EV have also acknowledged the contribution of Women workforce at Triton. “We are proud for having active role of women workforce at top management level of Triton EV. We are extremely happy to say that our women workforce has been contributing significantly in their respective responsibilities. Their contribution for organization’s progress is commendable,” says Mr Patel.

Nancy "Nayana" Patel, Triton EV
Nancy “Nayana” Patel, Corporate Relations Executive Board, Triton EV

On the occasion of Triton EV’s Celebration of International Women’s Day, Ms. Nancy “Nayana” Patel, Corporate Relations Executive Board, Triton EV says, “We are happy to say that Triton EV’s work environment is motivating and encouraging for all. Women employees are getting equal opportunities in decision making.”

CA Vandana Singh, Triton EV
CA Vandana Singh, Director -Finance, Triton EV India

CA Ms. Vandana Singh, Director, Triton EV was also present at the celebration. She also said, “Triton EV’s core philosophy is about inclusive and sustainable development of our society. This year’s International Women’s Day we expressed our commitment towards an empowered society through women empowerment. On this occasion, we also would like to show that Triton Electric Truck is designed and developed in a way that it’s made for ease of use and ease of control so that women can also drive this.”