Understanding Changing Behavior of Storage Consumers

Today's rends lead to cutting edge solutions from storage companies and offshoots such as IoT, Big Data and cloud have become widely relevant. Explore more this subject in an exclusive interview with Seagate Technology's top executive.

Sameer Bhatia, seagate New
By Faiz Askari

This is the age of selfie, we click and we share. Consumer’s urge to share something using various social media platforms is making a huge demand chain for storage solutions. On the other hand, the business communication has become entirely depended upon factors such as accessing information and collaboration. All such trends lead to cutting edge solutions from storage companies and offshoots such as IoT, Big Data and cloud have become widely relevant.

In an exclusive conversation with Faiz Askari for ReviewStreet.in, Sameer Bhatia, Country Manager, India & SAARC Seagate Technology unleashed some cutting edge trends and consumer behavior changes among Indian consumer IT market.

Edited Excerpts:  

Faiz Askari: Home buyers are also starting to show an interest in NAS devices, and to some extent, even shifting to them from traditional hard drives. Why this emerging trend?

Sameer Bhatia: Data has become critical to all aspects of human life over the course of the past 30 years; it’s changed how we’re educated and entertained, and how we perform every task in our daily life. Digital is the new normal, and smart homes are no longer a futuristic dream. Thanks to the pervasive smartphone penetration, emergence of smart technologies and dawn of Internet enabled devices, our homes today are filled with connected products which are loaded with possibilities to make our lives easier, more convenient, and more comfortable. While the advantages they offer are plentiful, they have also made us the most data hungry generation ever and with everything we do getting digitized, the storage needs of an average home user have also skyrocketed.

This is corroborated by a recent report by analyst firm IDC which states that the average rate per capita of data-driven interactions per day is expected to increase twentyfold in the next ten years as our homes, workplaces, appliances, vehicles, wearables and implants become data-enabled. As their world is getting awash with data, home users are turning to NAS to create a centralized media library they can access from anywhere. They can load digital music, movies, photos and video into the NAS system, and can stream it from anywhere in the house to any computer or appropriate media player or remotely using Wi-Fi or Internet connections on their phone, tablet or laptop.

On Home Users 

Home users are quickly realizing that while cloud storage services like Dropbox effectively let them rent space on someone else’s network-connected drives, enabling them to access their data from anywhere with an Internet connection, a NAS product gives them this same functionality without them handing their data over to a host company, thus alleviating any concerns about privacy or cost.

Faiz Askari: What is Seagate’s play in the segment? What are some of the products the company offers and what are their distinctive features?

Sameer Bhatia: Choosing the right tool for the right job is important in any situation. In one of my previous responses, I highlighted the importance of investing in NAS-optimized HDDs while building an efficient and effective NAS system.

A leading player in this segment, Seagate’s NAS-optimized HDDs are built to deliver the right performance, reliability and capacity for where your business is today and where it is tomorrow. For everything NAS, SMEs can turn to Seagate’s IronWolf and IronWolf Pro.

Built to help small-to-midsize enterprises better manage the massive amounts of data they create and consume, IronWolf and IronWolf Pro empower SMEs to keep the right data ready for use with extreme workload rates of up to 300TB, and blistering fast access, so they can quickly discover and capitalize on new business opportunities. We also offer Seagate Rescue Data Recovery Service Plan, meaning they are covered when disaster strikes – such as a flood, fire or accidental damage.

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IronWolf is optimized for NAS with AgileArray™ to help businesses enhance performance for file-sharing, backup and private cloud environments. AgileArray delivers drive balancing by using dual-plane balance and rotational vibration sensors, RAID optimization for increased performance and advanced power management. IronWolf and IronWolf Pro give businesses greater durability and agility to run their heaviest workloads in large, multi-user NAS environments, and with the added peace of mind of Seagate Rescue, businesses can know their data is safe.