In an endeavour to reduce the woes of brands, portals and manufacturers during Demonetization, Value Shoppe, a liquidation solution provider, pioneer in the country is offering effective disposal mechanism of inventory for the lifestyle and fashion industry.

Every manufacturer, brand and online portal in the supply chain has surplus or leftover inventory, which ultimately is sold to a local vendor/ dealer. Value Shoppe ensures that surplus is intelligently transformed from a burden into a liquid opportunity that fuels the achievement of strategic goals.  Through robust inventory liquidation solutions, they provide an informative channelized platform that connects inventory holders to stockist/distributor across the country for bulk clearance. Manufacturers can enlist their products and stockists/ distributors/ retailers/ shopkeepers can search for their requirements in a hassle-free manner.

SatendraVir Singh, Founder at Value Shoppe said, “Every year brands, portals and manufacturers accumulate huge volumes of unsold merchandise. These are not dead stock, but if wisely thought through, can be transformed to an ancillary opportunity rather treating as a burdens.

He added, “In the times of demonetization, our tech-based platform provides inventory liquidation solutions for fashion and lifestyle brands. It ensures a quick payment getaway and connects inventory holders, retailers, brand owners and manufacturers to a network of sellers across the nation, through adequate mechanism of channelizing information”

Being a pioneer in the space, they have integrated the unorganised sector with a smart information sharing mechanism, a network of buyers and sellers; and complimented with the retail channel in a limited period.


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