Zoho One
Zoho One launches new app Orchestly

It’s been two years since Zoho launched its Zoho One Suite as a one stop solution for all your business needs. Its repertoire of 45 plus applications is considered to be a business operating system that can enable any organisation to completely digitally transform and operate efficiently.

Zoho One, which starts at a low price of Rs 1,500 per user for enterprises in India, boasts of over 20,000 customers and is growing constantly. More than 25% of its users utilize 25+ apps on it’s platform and more than 50% use 16 or more applications. The suite also offers a ‘Creator’ which can help companies create their own personalised applications based on their business needs with minimal programming and once successful they can even share the same on Zoho’s marketplace to share with the world and make money.

Zoho One launches new applications

Today at an event in Chennai, the company, apart from sharing its focus and trajectory for coming time, also announced the latest additions to its offering. This includes Phonebridge – an application that will help bridge the communication gap between various telephony vendors and your Zoho apps. This means now you can directly call the customer from interfaces of various Zoho apps, no matter which Telephony vendor.

Another addition is the Single Sign-On service, which will help you integrate various third-party application into your Zoho account. The service which accomodates 50 third party applications makes it really convinient for users to manage all their work from one point.

They also introduced blockchain-based timestamping to their Zoho Sign application. The ethereum-based service adds an extra layer of security to your digital signatures. There was also a discussion on their new dashboard which allows better provisioning of Zoho applications to various users.

Zoho One launches new applications

Finally, we were introduced to Orchestly their new Business Workflow Management application. The application aims to automate complex processes which involve multiple departments easily by allowing people to create and manage workflows using drag-and-drop methods. This has the potential to grow into a great service offering.

These improvements are offered to Zoho One’s customers – existing and future – without any extra cost and the Zoho team seemed enthusiastic to assure us that the idea is to improve customer experience and delight and not to increase the cost burden on them. Zoho One has grown in short time due to its usability and ease of use and it seems that the company aims to keep the same focus in near-future.