Keeping in pace with today’s ever-evolving technology landscape, several smartphone makers have announced dual-SIM capabilities, delivering unprecedented flexibility to its consumers. While certain flagship devices have only just launched this functionality, HUAWEI has been long offering the dual SIM feature across several of its devices to suit different budgets, offering a wide variety of choice to consumers. Our customer centricity and focus on innovation at times like this have led Huawei to grab the number two spot in the global smartphone market share in Q2 this year.

A dual SIM function allows users to have two SIMs, for example, one for work and one for personal use on a single device and enables them to switch between both easily and efficiently. Dual SIM phones also suit people who regularly travel between two countries. In these situations having two SIMs allows you to milk the value of both plans while keeping your minimum monthly spend low. Recently released flagships also feature dual VoLTE; however, this will only be accessible via an update, which won’t be available until later.

However, when it comes to the much-hyped eSIM or integrated SIM, it requires a wireless service plan that can be challenging as not all carriers support eSIM usage, hence defeating the purpose of providing customers with a dual SIM capability option. With HUAWEI P20 Pro’s user-friendly dual-SIM option, users can easily switch SIM cards wherever and whenever, without notifying their network carriers, making the process simple and easy to use.

Majority of the smartphone players do not have this convenience as, when a current dual SIM user is subscribed to carriers that do not support the eSIM technology, one will have to either subscribe to a new service plan from a third carrier, or terminate an existing contract, and complications such as these can entail a significant cost.


HUAWEI P20 Pro allows users to swiftly manage their dynamic lifestyles while balancing their work and personal life calls and needs.  Keeping the customer at the heart of everything it does, HUAWEI P20 Pro supports easy dual SIM usage without any complications and continues to lead as an accessible and manageable smartphone. Until then, wait and watch for Huawei’s next flagship launch that is expected to have even superior consumer benefits.

Huawei Consumer Business Group (CBG) is one of Huawei’s three business groups, providing a range of products including mobile phones, wearables, tablets and laptops. Huawei’s products and services are available in more than 170 countries and are used by a third of the world’s population, ranking third in the world in mobile phone shipments in 2016.

Huawei’s relationship with India goes back to the year 1999, when it established the first overseas R&D Centre in Bangalore. Over the last 19 years, Huawei India has partnered with several stakeholders to enable rapid growth of technology and telecommunications services in the country. Today, India is Huawei’s second largest market outside of China with a large employee base across the length and breadth of the country. We continue to build innovative products that focus on consumer needs that deliver a premium user experience. With groundbreaking innovation, consumers can experience & enjoy a full range of HUAWEI Consumer Products.

As a leading technology company, Huawei invests a significant amount of its annual sales revenue to research and development efforts and has established 16 research centres around the world. Among these facilities is the Huawei Aesthetics Research Center in Paris. Huawei’s newest R&D centre is the Max Berek Innovation Lab in Wetzler, Germany, where Huawei and Leica are jointly researching technologies to improve mobile device camera and image quality.