One Plus as a smartphone brand has made its mark among tech geeks. Also, known as one of the most hot selling online brand, One Plus is well connected to it’s audience.

What is more important is the latest version of this phone which is launched yesterday, is an interim upgrade to the much loved One Plus 3. The 3T as it’s called, looks exactly the same.

What is different is the new Snapdragon 821 processor which is still paired with 6GB of RAM, the performance as expected is silky smooth, with fast response times and no lags to be seen. The front facing camera also gets an upgrade, now sporting a 16MP sensor on the front. From the little time we spent with it, it’s definitely a marked improvement over one plus 3, capturing sharper pictures with more detail. The rear camera also gets an upgrade, with image stabilization now added to the module.

The 3T comes baked with the latest version of oxygen OS, which is one plus’s skin that uses Android Marshmallow as the base. One plus touts that they have worked to improve app loading times on the 3T and is tuned to perform faster on regularly used apps like Instagram. They have also made improvements to the animations in stock Android, that reduces lag, noticeable especially while closing apps.

The phone now also has a larger battery, cramming a 3400mAh battery, which can be juiced up in half hour and should last a day with regular use.