Mr. Abhishek Bansal, Executive Director of Pacific India

Otaku Fans Fest Meet-Up, a highly anticipated event for anime and manga enthusiasts, recently concluded its two-day extravaganza at Pacific D21 Mall, Dwarka. The event saw an enthusiastic audience of 345 people come together to celebrate their shared passion for the otaku culture.

The Otaku Fans Fest Meet-Up was a remarkable success, featuring an impressive lineup of entertainers from various domains. Attendees were treated to captivating performances by popular YouTubers, talented musicians, and a pioneering official dubbing artist. The event truly brought together the best of the otaku community.

Renowned YouTubers Mr. Aman (@supersuperofficial), Mr. Prashant (@superindiayt), Mr. Kshitij (@ktzhtv), Mr. Raja (@animationvibes), and Mr. Harsh (@senpaijii) were among the key highlights of the event. Their presence and engaging content added immense value to the experience of the attendees, who were delighted to interact with their favorite online personalities in person.

Mr. Abhishek Bansal, Executive Director of Pacific India said, “We are thrilled to see the overwhelming response and enthusiasm from the otaku community at the Otaku Fans Fest Meet-Up. The event was a true celebration of our shared passion, bringing together fans, entertainers, and vendors in a vibrant and inclusive atmosphere. It was a testament to the power of the otaku culture and its ability to create lasting connections and unforgettable experiences. We are grateful for the support and look forward to future events that continue to embrace and showcase the incredible creativity and dedication of the otaku fandom”.

In addition to the YouTubers, the event also featured a special guest, Mr. Ketan Kava, a prominent figure in the Indian dubbing industry. With his vast experience and contributions to official dubbing projects, Mr. Kava provided valuable insights into the art of voice acting and entertained the audience with his remarkable skills.

The musical performances at Otaku Fans Fest Meet-Up were equally impressive. Ms. Resham Talwar, a talented voice-over artist known for her renditions of Hindi-dubbed anime OSTs, enthralled the audience on the first day of the event. On the second day, Mr. Soumil, a guitarist and an accomplished rapper Mr. Sunny took the stage, delivering an electrifying performance that had the crowd cheering and dancing along.

Exciting activities were organized throughout the event, ensuring maximum engagement and enjoyment for the attendees. The talent show was a crowd favorite, showcasing the diverse talents of the otaku community. Winners of various activities were rewarded with coveted anime merchandise, adding to the excitement of the event. However, the highlight of the entire gathering was the highly anticipated Cosplay Competition, where participants showcased their creativity and craftsmanship in three categories: Gaming, Anime, and Comics. The winners of each category were awarded a substantial cash prize worth Rs. 16,000/-.

First Day Winners Name: Ms. Anindita, Mr. Uphar from Anime Category, Ms. Saanvi from Comic Category, Ms. Vandana from Gaming Category and the three runner ups were also selected from these three categories. There names were Mr. Rishab, Mr. Shashwat, and Mr. Swapan.

Second Day Winners Name: Mr. Rishab Jain from Anime Category, Mr. Azam from Comic Category, Ms. Akira from Gaming Category and the three runner ups were also selected from these three categories. There names were Ms. Aana, Ms. Kamakshi, and Ms. Shinobu.

Moreover, Otaku Fans Fest Meet-Up also provided a platform for anime merchandise vendors to showcase their products, like Saiko No Kart, Over the culture, Blurby, Konohakart.

Anime Group India is a renowned organization committed to promoting and organizing anime-cosplay events throughout the country. The Otaku Fans Fest Meet at Pacific D21 Mall, Dwarka promises to be an unforgettable two-day experience, showcasing various elements that make anime culture so captivating.

The Otaku Fans Fest Meet was an exciting addition to the lineup of events, and guests immersed in the captivating world of anime, cosplay, music, and more.

Dr. Shubham Singhal said we are very much grateful to hosted this event at Pacific D21 mall and without the support of Pacific D21 mall management it won’t be possible to organise. I am very much thankful for their immense support and cooperation

The success of Otaku Fans Fest Meet-Up was a testament to the passion and dedication of the otaku community. The event brought together like-minded individuals, creating a vibrant and inclusive atmosphere for fans to connect, share their love for anime and manga, and create lasting memories.