foodpanda, India’s leading online marketplace for food delivery announced a significant update to its mobile app. Food ordering on the foodpanda app gets a brand new and energised revamp with a bundle of features to make the experience closer to every user’s personal taste. One of the lightest updates till now, the new app lets you order food in the least number of steps than ever before.

Tapping on the app, you are introduced to the Recommendations page, which lets you discover new places to order from under relevant categories like all restaurants serving breakfast or providing express delivery or serving top cuisines; and then flaunt them to your peers. That is not all, this section also serves as a shortcut for restaurants, customers previously ordered from. So if you have favourites, the app will like them and keep them handy too. The page comprises various collections dedicated to popular themes that lets all the users have more options to discover.

The new app also cares for your cravings. If you are looking for a specific dish, you will be able to search that too! The‘Dish Search’ will allow you to search whatever you are looking for and will list down restaurants delivering that to your doorstep. The app is going to ensure the most personalised experience than ever before. The users will be able to reorder with ease, enjoy a one tap payment process and save money through attractive discounts all in one go!

All the ease does not come at the price of the food delivery time. We still guarantee a 45 minute express delivery to your doorstep.

“While re-designing the app, we always take into consideration our customer’s feedback and requirement. We aim to further ease the process of food ordering from 15000+ restaurants on the app. With the recent enhancements in the app, we have moved closer to our goal of reorders within 30 seconds. The revamped app needs minimal navigation, and provides an easy and seamless experience to our customers. Further to that vision, we have onboarded Rajat Shikhar as the Chief Product Officer who has been entrusted with defining product strategy for foodpanda India and taking customer experience on the platform to the next level, ” said Saurabh Kochhar, CEO, foodpanda India.

Working extensively on the update, Rajat Shikhar, Chief Product Officer, foodpanda India, said, “Enhancing user experience and increasing discoverability for more options for the foodies stays at the core of the technical advancements we make to the product. The future releases will aim to make the food ordering experience more seamless and personalised using data analytics in the background.”

The new version of the app has also refactored backend coding and has reduced the size of the app under 6 MB. This comes as a relief to the users always fighting for space on their phones. The update to the app has been rolled out to foodpanda’s users across Android and iOS platforms.