ViewSonic Corp, a leading global provider of visual solution products releases the details about products that will be showcased from May 31st till June 2nd and elaborates on its 30th anniversary at the Taiwan ViewSonic office. Established in 1987, ViewSonic has a long history of innovation, which has helped the company make its mark as a trusted leader in the market. “We remain at the forefront of innovation as we celebrate 30 years of ViewSonic,” said Adams Lee, President of ViewSonic Europe and Asia Pacific. “Looking to the future, we will be introducing solutions designed to take the complexities of technology and streamline them for our users – hence the term Simplify Complexity.” Many remember ViewSonic’s historic rise in the mid-90s, which led to the company becoming a top-rated monitor producer as it is today. In the years leading up to its 30th anniversary, ViewSonic has also managed to provide a complete range of digital display solutions, spanning business and personal use.

ViewSonic is set to showcase solutions designed to “Simplify Complexity” aimed at making the integration of new technologies a simpler process for the future. Possibly a game-changing Professional AV projector series in the high-end AV category, the Pro8 series, 5200 ansi lumens utilizing latest DLP™ deploying a unique “Flex-In” design to integrate flexibility for plug & play and simplify ProAV installations. PortAll design hidden within the top cover of the projector allows user to improve cost efficiency by using the HDBase-T dongle to transmit signals. Unique to Pro8 series are the centered lens design and 4-in-1 power button. Beyond picture quality, laser projectors last longer than traditional lamp-based projectors and allow nearly instant on/off. Without sacrificing brightness it can produce deeper, richer and vivid colours. ViewSonic LS830 balances 4500 ansi lumens, 100,000:1 contrast-ratio, is a pure laser ultra short-throw projector bundled with a diffuser screen trending the future of 100″ or 120″ Home Cinema.

ViewSonic’s Interactive Flat Panel display line is expanded with new IFP7550 Advanced 75″ Ultra HD ViewBoard® Interactive Flat Panel. ViewBoard® offers a collaborative large format display solution suitable for business and education industry usage with 4K Ultra HD (3840 x 2160) clarity and 20 touch point response. Built-in applications such as vBoard for annotation, ViewBoard® Cast for content sharing, and ZOOM conferencing software come standard allowing multiple users to write, share, and interact remotely and simultaneously. Heading up ViewSonic’s LCD gaming monitor series are new models from the XG series gaming monitor line, which cater to gamers ranging from enthusiasts to professionals.

Featuring 240Hz refresh rate for the most fluid gaming experience possible and a blazing-fast 1ms response time new XG series provide competitive gamers with fluid gameplay during fast-paced action scenes. ViewSonic’s Professional LCD monitor line will feature new VP series colour accurate monitors for photography, videography and design. A new 32″4K UHD model will be the VP series’ highest resolution model and will allow users to play and edit 4K footage. Additionally, HDR10 will be supported allowing users to maximize details in the shadows and highlights simultaneously. “We would like to take this opportunity to thank our customers for their support over the past 30 years. We welcome you all to come visit us at our demo room in Taipei to see our latest and greatest visual solutions” added Adams Lee.


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