Ecosmob To Offer Diversified FreeSWITCH Solutions


FreeSWITCH is one of the technology areas catered by the company with its expertise for many years. Ecosmob has experienced and veteran developers who have developed so many different FreeSWITCH solutions for their local and international customer. The company has been offering its services from its main headquarter which is situated in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.

“We have FreeSWITCH experts in our team and we can develop any type of solution in FreeSWITCH. We have developed a whole range of solutions in a past decade to cater our customers from different industry verticals. You name it and we build it. That is what our expertise is in the FreeSWITCH”, stated the spokesperson of the company.

The spokesperson of the company further shared the details of a few FreeSWITCH solutions offered by the company with brief of each.

Class 4 softswitch

It is a wholesale softswitch, which is used to provide the long distance call routing services. This offered solution can be used by the Telecom and VoIP service providers to offer calling services over long distance.

Conferencing solution

The company offers audio, video and web conferencing solution development service. This solution can be used by any industry to use the benefits of conferencing.

Appointment booking IVR solution

This is an Interactive Voice Response system which is specifically used to book an appointment. This type of an IVR system is very much useful for the professionals who offer appointment based meeting services. This solution will automate the whole process of booking an appointment and that also with the ease of an IVR.