Logitech announced its new keyboard case, the Universal Folio. Compatible with all the best 9-10-inch tablets, Universal Folio brings alive the experience of laptop-like typing to wherever you take your tablet. Eliminating the need for a new case for different form factors, The Universal Folio with its unique 4-point grip is the answer to all consumer needs.

Ergonomic and comfortable to use

Logitech Universal Folio allows users to enjoy an effortless typing experience on the go, whether at a desk in office or on your lap at 30,000 feet in the air. Its 4-point grip securely holds your tablet in place and locks it at the perfect angle for typing. The large, well-spaced keys replicate the ergonomic comfort of your laptop, so there’s no learning curve and you can type with ease.


One keyboard for All


The keyboard also includes a set of dedicated function and shortcut keys for iOS, Android or Windows, giving you the power to control your tablet without leaving the keyboard. The sturdy plastic shell protects your tablet from everyday wear and tear and the occasional coffee spill. The case has a two-year battery life with two replaceable coin battery and features a smart power management system, that helps minimize power consumption.


The Logitech Universal Folio is compatible with almost any 9-10-inch tablet including the iPad (2,3,4,5, Air, and Air 2), various models of Samsung Galaxy Tab and Note, including the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3, and the Amazon Kindle Fire, among others.

Commenting on the Launch Ashok Jangra, Cluster Category Head for India & South West Asia, Logitech said “In today’s fast paced world, we understand the value of every minute for our customers. The hassle and discomfort of using different keyboards with different tablets limits the experience of effortless typing. We, at Logitech, constantly strive to give our customers the best of efficiency and comfort, and that’s what Universal Folio aims to achieve.”

 Further, Mr. Jangra said, “With the Universal Folio, we wanted to enhance the experience of tablet lovers, both during work and leisure.  By bringing the flexible laptop-like typing to tablets, it takes the guesswork out of tablet typing.”

Pricing and Availability

The Universal Folio is expected to be available in June at select retail stores. The Logitech Universal Folio is priced at INR 4,495