Xiaomi inaugurated its first retail store called Mi Home in India. The first store opened in Bengaluru and will open for public on 20th May 2017. With India joining the foray, Xiaomi now has its own stores in five countries in the region – China, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and of course, India.

Located in an upmarket mall in Bengaluru, the Mi Home will showcase the entire portfolio of Xiaomi products including smartphones, fitness bands, air purifiers, power banks, and more. Essentially, all the products the company sells in India, and nothing else.

According to the company, Mi Home and mi.com allow the company to offer its products to customers directly, thereby reducing distribution and intermediary costs associated with traditional retail and direct-to-retail models. Xiaomi has assured that Mi Homes will always has its products in stock, and in a rare chance the store can’t fulfill an order, the customer will be offered an f-code. An f-code guarantees a product on mi.com even if it is listed as out of stock.

Xiaomi has started with one store in Bengaluru, but is now looking at opening Mi Homes in Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, and Chennai, and plans to open 100 Mi Homes in next two years.

However, after consistent success online, Xiaomi now aims to expand to offline retail market in the country, and Mi Home is at the center of that strategy.